Unity3D Video Game Programming

Eric Tereshinski

Michigan, United States

Time Zone: EST



I am self taught. For the past 12 years I have been making games on my own and with teams teaching myself the necessary skills to create epic games. With teams and on my own I have created over ten games of various sizes and have been apart of the entire process of development. I find that programming is my strong suit and am most familiar with Unity 3D. 


My most recent and relevant experience working in a team has been with the project, Ant Simulator. Unfortunately, Ant Simulator has been canceled due to a business dispute. Before it was canceled, I was the lead designer and programmer for the game. We had a small budget to hire out contract artists and animators. Through this project, I have gained a lot experience working with a team and coordinating through email and skype. Before Ant Simulator, I’ve worked on my personal games ranging from first person shooters to side scrollers. Last year I ran my own successful Kickstarter for a tutorial series to learn game development. This series consisted of 20+ videos and a 155 page PDF guide. I have experience with mobile games as well. In 2011 I shipped my own iOS game on the iTunes store. 


Unity Gameplay Skills:

  • I am very good at making player movement and controls feel “right”.

  • I can create any kind of player movement (flying, walking, third person, first person, climbing on walls, 3D, 2D, ect.)

  • Use of Shaders, materials, visual effects, and lighting. I have a lot of experience taking pre-existing assets and fine tuning them to look awesome! Ant Simulator is my best example of this.

  • Infinite level generation and infinite runners. My best examples of this is “Go Home, You’re Drunk”. My newest game, “Ant Simulator”, also exhibits random (not infinite) level generation with some help from a plug-in I modified called “Terravol”.

Coding Languages & Software

  • Unity 4.x, 5.x

  • Unity Languages:C#, Javascript, XML

    • All code I write is clean, commented, and well organized.

  • Experience with Unity Plug-ins

    • Uber Shader Pack

    • Relief Terrain Pack

    • I2 Localization

    • In-Control

    • UVC Unity Version Control

  • Blender - Intermediate/Average skills with 3D models, UV maps, Textures, and Animations

  • Photoshop

  • Adobe Premiere video editing

  • Screen recording applications Fraps, FFSplit, External HDMI capture card

  • Audacity basic audio file edits

  • Tortoise SVN

  • Google Docs

  • Trello, Asana

  • Exporting Unity games to a variety of platforms through XCode

Mobile, Phones & Tablets

  • Touch gameplay controls and touch interface.

  • Phone/tablet accelerometer and gyroscope gameplay controls.

  • I have experience selling my own game on the iTunes iOS store. I also have been exporting my games to Android for testing and have successfully ran multiple games on different devices with no issues.

VR and Oculus Rift:

  • I own an Oculus DK2 and have created a few experimental demos with it. If requested, I can provide a sample / proof of concept for your game using VR.

  • Gameplay that incorporates movement of the player’s head. One example, the player is riding a motorcycle or bike and he/she leads their head/body left and right in real life to lean the bike left and right in the game.

  • I’ve been having tons of fun playing and studying as many Oculus games as I can. I’m very eager to create some awesome games on Oculus beyond just the few experiments I’ve accomplished with it so far!

  • Performance Optimization: It’s very important to make sure games run at 85 frames per second or higher on Oculus! In the 6 years of experience I have with Unity, I am very familiar with ways to make games run as fast as they possibly can.

Games / Projects:

I’m currently working on uploading my portfolio to my new website. I can provide any games upon request (unfortunately, I can’t give you Ant Simulator as I no longer own the rights to that game.)

Ant Simulator


Newest Visuals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBSe2r7a30g

Alpha Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcfl0GW6S5o

    Unfortunately, this project has been canceled. The team did consists of myself, three 3D modelers, and two animators. It was my job to design and plan the game, coordinate and direct the artists, as well as programming. It’s most notable features are the ability to smoothly climb on walls, ceilings, and any surface. The AI is also very smart and can climb on walls and ceilings as well. I’ve used many plug-ins with this game and some I modified them to work together.

Galaxia Interface


    This is an older project of mine from 2011. It does lack the polish that my most recent games have. I wanted to show this game in particular because it is a good demonstration of my ability to create a touch interface and phone gameplay. Also to note, this game is being played on old hardware. Modern phones can handle better graphics than what is shown here.

Go Home, You’re Drunk


    This game shows my ability to create games in the format of an infinite runner (with a new twist of course!) as well as my ability to create games in a very short amount of time. Teaming up with a 3D artist/animator and a sound designer, we created this game in just 15 hours! Though we didn’t find the time to take this to iOS and Android stores, we did get a working test of this game running smoothly and functionally on Android.

Robot Zombies


    An older game of mine, but it’s a fun little adventure. I wrote all the code for both the player movement, guns, bullets, enemy AI and pathfinding, and overall gameplay logic. Funny enough, I also did all the artwork, animation, and even voice acting. The only thing I didn’t create was the music and sound effects.



    This is meant to be an example game used in a tutorial series on how to make games. I included this game here because it demonstrates good player movement. It includes jumps, double jumps, wall running, power slam, moving platforms, as well as seamless keyboard to controller gameplay.

Prototype Recoil


    This game is a lot of fun. It’s an experimental physics based challenge puzzle platformer. It doesn’t have any graphics, but it’s a good demonstration of my ability to make games fun!