Sword Master VR

Steam Store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/523710/


Available on Steam for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset

Coming Friday, Sep23 2016

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Sword Master VR brings you intense sword fighting gameplay that has never been possible in traditional video games. Taking full advantage of the HTC Vive's room-scale virtual reality, you must learn to fight with realistic swords in full 360 combat! React quickly, duck and dodge, deflect incoming attacks! Sword Master VR is not a game of standing still and lightly wiggling your sword in the enemies face. Sword Master VR is a game of endurance, skill, speed, and most importantly, to become a master of the blade. 


  • Intense & Challenging Sword Fighting! 
  • 8 Unlockable Swords! 
  • 7 Enemy Variations! 
  • 10 Challenge Levels (Including a Boss Level!) 
  • 4 Difficulty Modes (1 Unlockable mode!)

Main Details:

Release Date: Friday, September 23rd 2016

Platform: HTC Vive / Windows (Will most likely also work with Oculus touch once they become available.)

Price: $10

Steam Store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/523710/

 Throughout the 10 challenging levels of Sword Master VR, you will unlock a variety of swords, all with different styles, stats, weaknesses, and strengths. There are 8 swords in total! And you can unlock Duel Wielding!

Throughout the 10 challenging levels of Sword Master VR, you will unlock a variety of swords, all with different styles, stats, weaknesses, and strengths. There are 8 swords in total! And you can unlock Duel Wielding!

Dramatic Description:

An opponent stands before you. Sweat runs down your temple. The leather of his boots shift to the right and comes into contract with the floor. You hear a light wind as his blade cuts the air. His clothing and armor ruffle as he shifts all of his weight into his swing. There is only a short moment for you to duck under his swing. Narrowly missing the side of your head, now is your chance to strike back. You opponent is now open and caught off guard. Jumping to the side and drawing your blade back for it's final strike, everything comes down to this moment. In the arena, any second could be your last. You begin to draw strength throughout your body, concentrating everything you have into the swing of your blade. Like an eagle diving for its prey, your steel flies towards it's target. Breath held, you guide the blade past his shield and plates of armor, and straight into his heart. In a blink, blood has been spilled. It is the blood of your opponent. The crowd goes wild. You are victorious! The only thing left standing on this arena is you and your blade. However, none of this is real. With a click of a button, a large virtual screen appears before you. A few more clicks and you select a button labeled "Exit VR". You hear a beep and your vision goes black. Loosening the straps from the sides and top of your head, you remove the virtual reality goggles from your off your face. A strange feeling washes over you as you become familiar again with where you really are. You are back in the real world. With your VR headset, you hold the power in your hands to visit other worlds, live adventures, fight battles! This is the future of virtual reality. This is Sword Master VR!


Sword Master VR is a game about endurance and skill. The game keeps track of the speed of your had as you swing your sword. If your swing is too light and hits the enemy in their armor, your sword will simply glance off. You must swing with strength and aim for the gaps in the enemy's armor! You can't just wiggle your wrists like it's a Wii game!

The 10 challenging levels will give players a real test of their skill. If you are truly brave, a very epic boss battle awaits you on the last level! If you are able to eventually beat the game, then Expert mode or even Legendary mode will give you the challenge you're looking for. The gameplay is hard, but satisfying. Some players have even said it was as hard as Dark Souls! (If Dark Souls was a VR melee arena game...)

VR games can be a good workout. Sword Master VR on the other hand is an extreme VR workout! Every player so far has at one point collapsed to the ground in exhaustion, but loving every minute of gameplay! The intense combat will keep you on your toes and running around your whole room to dodge and block the incoming attacks! If you're looking for a workout with the Vive, this is it!

Sword Master VR is a wave based melee combat game for the Vive, a genre that is still new in the VR world! Better move all the breakable items and pets out of your room. This is some intense virtual combat like you've never experienced before!


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